Bidadari Cliffside Estate is perched on a 120m-high cliff overlooking the Indian Ocean in the southern-most part of Nusa Dua, bordering The Bukit Peninsula. immediately below the villa is a lovely white-sand beach. Although the nearest shops and resort restaurants of Nusa Dua are a few kilometres away, there are some small family-owned warungs and convenience stores nearby selling very basic supplies.

Nusa Dua 6 km
Jimbaran Bay 16 km
Bali Airport 17 km
Kuta 18 km
Balangan Beach 21 km
Seminyak 23 km
Klapa (recreation centre) 23 km
New Kuta Golf Course 23 km
Uluwatu Temple 25 km
Padang Padang Beach 25 km
Ubud 52 km

About Nusa Dua-Tanjung Benoa

Situated on the eastern side of Bali’s Bukit Peninsular, the island’s southernmost landmass, Nusa Dua presents a ribbon-wrapped package, complemented by an air of gentility and order. An enormous split gate of carved stone marks the entrance to this tourist enclave of wide paved lanes and manicured gardens, white-sand beaches, restaurants, a shopping mall, a conference centre and one the island’s most popular golf courses – The Bali Golf and Country Club – to support its five-star resorts. The enclave is guarded by the twin islets of Nusa Dua – the name literally means ‘two islands’ – connected to the coast by two temple-topped sand spits. A six-kilometre seafront promenade links the beaches and is perfect for early morning strolls or bicycle rides. A notable attraction in the area is the Pasifika Museum which showcases artwork from Bali, Southeast Asia and the South Pacific. Most restaurants in Nusa Dua are hotel-based. In contrast, the neighbouring cape of Tanjung Benoa presents history, colour and a busy vibe. This slender, five-kilometre-long peninsula, juts into the bay north of Nusa Dua, pointing like a finger towards Benoa Harbour. The village of Benoa, on the tip of this peninsula, was once a bustling trading port, and many Chinese and Bugis descendants of these traders still live in the area. The backstreets are a rabbit warren of alleys pocketed with small shops, Balinese temples crafted from carved limestone, a mosque, an ancient Chinese Buddhist temple and a traditional open-air market, while the beach is home to water sports operators and many restaurants, including the upmarket Bumbu Bali, serving Balinese cusine. A major, Japanese-funded, beach restoration project at Tanjung Benoa has resulted in the construction of a series of attractive, crescent-shaped, stone piers, complete with open-sided gazebos capped with red-tiled roofs.

About Bali

Bali is Indonesia’s most popular tourist location and is considered one of Asia's premier tropical island destinations. Steeped in history and renowned for its artistic way of life, Bali is a peaceful contrast to some of the more frantic destinations Asia has to offer.

The inner peace and creative talents of the Balinese has attracted artists the world over fascinated by local dancers, silversmiths, wood carvers, potters and painters that seem to pervade throughout the island. The abundant verdant fields and surrounding sea have long supplied Bali with an easy surplus of food leaving time for life’s more artistic past times. As a result everything in Bali has a creative and religious element centred around the local Banjar (residents association) – little, adorned temples are everywhere, doors are covered in intricate carvings, huge kites ward off evil spirits and colourful roadside ceremonies bring traffic to a standstill.

Bali is a popular destination principally from Australia and Asia but also from all over Europe. The island welcomes thousands of visitors each year to a relaxing lifestyle, stunning beaches, world class surf, vibrant villages, and spectacular scenery all with an exquisite tropical climate. Located approximately two hours’ flying time from Singapore the island is serviced by an international airport at Denpasar with direct flights to and from many major cities in Asia, Europe and Australia and many more via Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital.

The island offers an impressive range of leisure and lifestyle amenities including world-class golf courses, wonderful seascapes for surfing, diving and snorkelling as well as luxurious spas, chic boutiques, tropical forests, towering volcanoes and international cuisine.