Overall Rating: 8.10

Bungadesa II would be considered rustically gorgeous in any location, but as it’s only 50m from a beach that you can see from the villa, it really takes the biscuit. The master bedrooms in the Bali House  and Sumba House are both charming and will easily transport you into holiday mode, although when matched with the bedroom in the more modest two-storey lumbung, the rooms might prove a bit incongruous for an equitable adult share. On the other hand we could easily imagine how two families would be well sorted here. Oh, and even though the villa is self-catering (unless rented in conjunction with Villa Bungadesa I next door) the staff were great: funny, sassy, chatty when needed and gone like the wind when we wanted to be alone. If you don’t want to self-cater, chef service can be arranged for an extra charge per meal plus the cost of the ingredients.