Overall Rating: 7.90

A simple one-bedroom villa up above the waves on a deserted beach in Bali? Villa Moon at Kembang Desa has got to be one of the most romantic villas we have ever seen. Did we say simple? Aesthetically it’s all about the views, but there are plenty of creature comforts here to keep you soft, warm, and happy. It’s an elegant place designed for one thing and one thing only: being together with your beloved. Make sure you make the most of your honeymoon stay: a return visit would still be easy but you might be renting the two-bedroom villa next door and saying farewell to those lie-ins!

Returning to the villa after an evening walk along the beach, a delicious meal was waiting – nothing gourmet, just honest, well-prepared food. The cook produces meals from a tasty repertoire of Balinese / Indonesian / International dishes that hit the spot. We were also delighted by the villa’s collection of hundreds of digital movies – all without the evil scratch demon that can ruin the last five minutes of the most-engrossing films!

We felt so privileged to stay in this magnificent location, not many visitors get to venture this far, so it really is a rare pleasure and an experience that will stay with us forever.