Overall Rating: 8.20

Of the four dwellings at Kembang Desa Villas this is the granddaddy family villa of them all and will definitely please the needs of any group, big or small. The views facing the ocean and the land are (almost) indescribably sublime with the power of the ocean to the front and the fecund bounty of the green rice bowl behind. We went for a long walk down the beach in the late afternoon and checked out temples and rock pools and a most glorious sunset.

When we got back to the villa a delicious meal awaited – nothing gourmet, just honest, well-prepared food. The cook produces meals from a tasty repertoire of Balinese / Indonesian / International dishes that hit the spot. The villa also has a collection of hundreds of digital movies – all without the evil scratch demon that can ruin the last five minutes of the most-engrossing films!

Make sure you wake up early in the morning when the air and sky are at their most calm and be rewarded with a mountain vista that will leave you speechless.