Our review   Overall Rating: 8.90

Villa Mary just keeps on giving, just when we thought there were enough facilities to keep guests going for a week or two, we found more. From the home cinema to the pool to the hot jacuzzi, to the tennis courts to the gym and the wide expanses of lawns for the kids to play tag, it just kept getting better. This is a villa that adults will love and kids will go mental over: there is a beach to comb and a river estuary to explore (Parental Guidance Recommended) and lots of fields to hunt for frogs and lizards.

The subterranean home ‘cinema’ is perfectly named. It is huge! There is nothing like seeing the open plains and dramatic wide angle shots of a Clint Eastwood spaghetti western to take you back in time. With a 5m screen and a couple of leather armchairs thrown in at the back for the folks who don’t do horizontal, this is a viewing experience that will really ‘make your day’. And just when you think it can’t get any better, the staff will microwave up a mean bowl of popcorn (make sure you pre-order).

The two upstairs bathrooms have large tubs set against picture windows that allow you to take in the views. After a blissful sleep, there was no better way to start the day than with an early morning soak in the claw foot bathtub. Lying there in the warm water with the dawn light reflecting through the rice fields against a backdrop of volcanoes, we decided that this was how every day should start! Checking out of Villa Mary really hurt.

Thanks to the in-house conference centre and all the other wonderful leisure activities, we feel that this is one of the very few villas in Bali that would be the perfect Executive Retreat. Rented as a whole, the five villas that make up Pantai Lima Estate have a total of 26 bedrooms.

  Overall Rating: 8.00

The villa's surroundings are beautiful, near the beach and surrounded by lush greenery. The staff were always available and willing to meet our needs, and the rooms were immaculately made up and laundry done at the end of each day. The pools were by far our favourite part of the stay! The fact that the villa had its own kid's pool was a real bonus , as our toddler was able to play around under adult supervision by herself. A small selection of swimming toys also added to the fun. For future residents, do note that the French chef is not working at the estate anymore, nevertheless, the chef was able to prepare what we had asked for. Wifi was a little shaky at the beginning, but the villa manager sorted it out. Do note that certain areas of the villa do not have wifi reception. The proximity of the black sand beach meant we could walk there quickly in a couple of minutes to play there and enjoy the scenery, which was great. The area near the beach was also a haven for wildlife, including ducks and hermit crabs.

Unfortunately the beach area directly in front of the villa appeared to be a little polluted during low tide. The surroundings were conducive for many forms of wildlife, including geese, butterflies, frogs and especially lizards, which unfortunately, my family (we live in a city state) found a bit unsettling as they were present in large numbers especially at night. They also tended to leave their faeces around on the furniture, which was a little disturbing, although the villa staff were quick to clean it when notified. Do note as the villa is rather spread out, walking from room to room during a storm may be a bit problematic (as it is not sheltered). Umbrellas were provided, but lizards were hiding in them.....

Overall, it was a pleasant stay, somewhat affected by the presence of the lizards.

  Overall Rating: 9.30

Stunning villa in a stunning location. We loved our time here. Particular highlight was the food - some of the best food we have ever had in Bali, even in some of the best restaurants. Will be back.