Our review   Overall Rating: 8.60

Villa Sound of the Sea is a wonderland of spaces designed for relaxing. We lounged by the pool for a large part of the day, were massaged in a ‘floating’ pavilion and watched movies on the big screen in the media room till late. The next morning we breakfasted right on the edge of the sand watching both the surfers riding the waves and the local fishermen trying to avoid them as they brought their small outriggers up onto the beach. On the occasion of our visit, the low tide fell in the late afternoon and opened up the beach. It seemed like the whole village was down on the sand taking advantage of the lull. This is normal community activity, especially on Sundays, with boys playing football, women gossiping, and fathers and children (and us) playing in the river estuary. The beach is bordered by a wide reef, which makes it popular with surfers, but at low tide the reef is exposed and creates a very interesting foraging opportunity for kids who want to go in search of crabs and shells in the rock pools. The neighbouring Villa Mary had three families staying with a large pack of under-eights who were loving the experience. Make sure you try the hot tub as well: it is truly decadent in a hot climate, but oh-so-nice for taking the chill off the water when the sun goes down. The staff delivered fresh drinks on an almost-clockwork, 20-minute schedule, earning both our praise and a nice fat tip. Also take time for a dip in the river mouth, it is calm and cool and also gives you the opportunity to see the five Pantai Lima properties in all their stunning glory from the outside. Music is piped throughout the villa and garden. The villa owners are French, so don’t be surprised to hear a chanson or two coming out of the speakers hidden in the undergrowth. Édith Piaf pour le petit déjeuner anyone?

  Overall Rating: 9.90

We celebrated not only our wedding in this wonderful place, but also the reunion of both our families. It has been an extraordinary experience for us and staff as well as environment were like a dream. Thanks to everybody for that very special time, that nobody will ever forget.

  Overall Rating: 9.20

Wonderful place! Fantastic staff and chef. The perfect place for living in peace